In need of a new scarf? What about a tote or some jewelry? Well FashionABLE has all of that and an amazing message behind each purchase.

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FashionABLE is a company, based out of Nashville Tennessee, focused on creating tenable business in Africa to provide women with steady incomes. Of course there are many organizations and fundraisers focused on aiding Africans to become independent; however FashionABLE allows women to work for their own money. Thus providing women with self respect and independence.

Due to lack of opportunity, many women are trapped in illegal jobs to put food on the table. FashionABLE was created to provide opportunities for struggling women, who hope for a better life. They especially work with women, who want to start small business cooperatives and help find manufacturers who will employ women with fair hiring practices and wages.

Every product is named after one courageous women who crafts the products along with their empowering story. Celebrities, such as Julianne Hough, have been seen wearing the FashionABLE Mamuye tote where on her website she explains how she loves the bag, but not as much as the message behind the leather. Remain FashionABLE, while simply giving back.

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