by Miranda Tuttle

On Wednesday September 16, the country tuned into the second round of the GOP Republican Debate, in Simi Valley in California. Eleven candidates in the running- Trump at center stage.

Carly emerging as the dominate debater. Out of the eleven candidates, two took the spotlight: Carly Fiorina and Donald Trump. Carly Fiorina successfully dominated by performing in a solid, efficient manner. She was able to educate many voters on who she really was. Fiorina was able to introduce herself to new viewers in the second debate at Ronald Reagan’s Library, since gaining popularity from the first debate, moving to the first tier. Trump entertained us all with his antics when interacting with political candidates, and gave his regular solid debate.

Carly Fiorina gave an interesting answer to the question about putting a women on the $10 dollar bill. “I think, honestly, it’s a gesture,” she said. “We ought to recognize that women are not a special interest group.” While Fiorina polls high, will she be able to be productive with the momentum provided, or fall flat?

Both leading runners in the polls are outsiders to the political arena- coincidence? Based on polls, it reflects the idea that American society is looking for something different. Will this be the change we need to get back on the right track?

It’s important for Bishop Gorman students, especially the ones that can vote in the upcoming election, to stay informed on the debates and do research. We are in a generation where lack of participation with voting is anemic. Being involved can make a difference in the direction America takes in the upcoming year.