by Zach Sibley

Floyd “Money” Mayweather retires at 49-0 after his victory against Andre Berto at the MGM Grand Arena September 12. Mayweather defeated Berto 119-109 with Mayweather in favor in every round 10-9. Over 400,000 people bought the fight on PPV (Pay Per View). Mayweather PPV contract has ended which means he is done in the ring. After the fight against Berto he confirmed his retirement.

Mayweather has been boxing almost his entire life. At a young age his father pushed him to limits in the gym. Mayweather went on to fight his first professional match against Roberto Apodaca on October 11, 1996. In round 2 against Apodaca, Mayweather won with a KO. Mayweather won 26 out of 49 of his fight with a KO or TKO.

Mayweather has brought many people all over the world to watch Mayweather fight. With having over 3.5 million viewers on paper view. Mayweather is well known for his luxury planes, cars  and homes. Mayweather is also very popular for the name TMT (the Money Team) and the TBE (The Best Ever). Mayweather has decided to retire after his undefeated record 49-0.