by Lainey Hizon

Childhood obesity is a growing national problem that starts when kids eat too much sugar and processed food. One of the major risks of unhealthy school lunches is obesity and other kinds of weight problems. Statistics state that kids who ate school lunches rather than kids who bring their own lunches are more likely to be overweight.

The percentages are about from 38.2% vs. 24.7%. These statistics were tested by the Unhealthy School Lunch Statistics. School lunches contain a lot of fat, sugar, and sodium like chips and cookies. Many of the foods they serve are frozen foods or processed foods such as pizza or cheeseburgers. According to the Unhealthy School Lunches Statistics say that children who eat school lunches served by the school may have high or bad cholesterol or LDL than kids who bring lunches from home. There are kids also who eat too much processed food and not enough vitamins can develop a higher risk for several chronic health problems.

Types of physical effects that you can get from poor nutrition is developing a higher risk for chronic health problems. There are also mental effects such as scoring lower on tests and having a harder time with school work because they don’t have proper nutrition.