by  Jacob Litaf

Elizabeth II Has become the longest reigning monarch in Britain’s history as of last week. Queen Elizabeth II has been on the throne for 63 years and 222 days, she remarked on her long life and reign: “A long life can pass by many milestones; my own is no exception.” She didn’t dwell on her achievement but thanked everyone around the world for their messages of great kindness.

The Prime Minister paid tribute to the Queen during an address to the Parliament: ” It is of course typical of her selfless sense of service that she would have us treat this day like any other. But Mr. Speaker while i rarely advocate disobeying Her Majesty — least of all in her own parliament, i do think it is right that today we should stop and take a moment as a nation to mark this historic milestone and to thank Her Majesty.”
The queen has seen 12 Prime Ministers, 12 U.S. Presidents and seven Popes in her long reign. Queen Elizabeth is not only the ruler of United Kingdom but is head of state of 15 other Commonwealth nations, consisting of Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.