by Natalie Legakes

image           Moscow’s main drug-testing labs accreditation was suspended on Tuesday, November 3rd due to allegations that Russia has been taking place in illegal sports doping. Russia could be barred from the next Olympic Games and even all international athletics.
Ten athletes and coaches are suspected of cheating, one of them being the gold medalist Maria Savinova who had won the gold in the 800-meters in the London 2012 games. Alysia Montano was runner up to Savinova in the games and made the statement, “More than anything, you can never give me back those moments. Those moments you stood on top of and you held your head high and proud. I don’t see how those individuals could be proud of themselves at that moment,” while on a Skype call with the CBS news station.
Not only are the athletes suspected of cheating, but Russia anti-doping officials and state security services. They are suspected of taking bribes to conceal test results and destroy the positive samples. “USA athletes have to be involved in an anti-doping agency to remain clean for performances,” says track star Vashti Cunningham.