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by Daniel Kinas

In 2016, SeaWorld in San Diego will be shutting down its famous killer whale show “One Ocean” due to the overriding scrutiny from Animal Rights activists.

The killer whale show, a staple for the amusement park since its opening in 1959, has attracted millions of families from around the world. “I used to love the Shamu show,” said student Luke Bradford, “My family used to go once or twice a year to the park. it was a lot of fun.”
SeaWorld’s attendance has decreased since the release of the documentary “Blackfish”, which completely shattered the whole corporation’s reputation. But how has the business side of the company been? Since July 2013, the SeaWorld stock (SEAS) has fallen more than 50% due to lack of attendance and bad publicity.
With this move, SeaWorld is looking to improve their moral standing with Animal rights groups by ending their Orca shows. The “shows” won’t stop though; SeaWorld is keeping the whales on display, but making the show a more natural experience for the whales.

The corporation is closing the Orca show in San Diego alone, but not in the 10 other parks across the United States. Also, SeaWorld is not setting the Orca’s free, they are still keeping them in captivity.
The whole SeaWorld scandal started in July of 2013 when the documentary “Blackfish” was released. The documentary showed the brutality and poor conditions of SeaWorld’s facilities when it comes to the Orca and other animals at the park. With all of these allegations, SeaWorld is swimming in deep water.