by: Miranda Tuttle

Germany is facing a possible civil war. Thousands protest against Chancellor Angela Merkel’s decision to help the refugees for humanitarian reasons. Germany also faces a possibility of becoming a banana republic (a small nation dependent on the influx of foreign capital) without a government.

Hansjoerg Mueller of the Alternative for the German Party, says the country is at the edge of anarchy.

Germany’s location is a perfect destination for asylum seekers from the Middle East, North Africa and Southern Asia. The country has been expected to accept over a million refugees.

An Anti-Islamic immigration group called Pegida (Patriotic Europeans against the Islamisation of the West) marched in the streets of Dresden in protest against the newly allowed millions into the country. An estimated eight-thousand people joined the movement by holding crucifixes and upside down German flags.

Germany previously held a ‘refugee crisis meeting’ but no breakthrough has been made to help control the mass numbers of migrants. Opposition with anti-Islam groups continue to grow.

Peter Dreier, a Bavarian official, told Chancellor Merkel that if Germany welcomes a million refugees, his town will only accept 1,800; any extra immigrants will be shipped to Merkel in Berlin.

Different viewpoints between the people of Germany and the government could result in a civil war. Germany is facing trouble not only with finding the space to accept the new number of immigrants, but with the populations reaction if the government continues to function without the consent of the people.

Even though Germany has many factors in motivating the people to protest, the migrant crisis is the main and prominent reason for unrest in the country, and if it remains a unsolved issue, we could shortly watch this country turn on itself.