by Emma McEvoy

Chloë Grace Moretz is ready to be part of that world, as she will star in Universal’s live action rendition of, The Little Mermaid.

taken by Emma McEvoy

Moretz is best known for her leading roles in movies such as If I Stay (2014), and Carrie (2013). The rest of the cast has yet to be revealed, but fans are looking forward to see who will play the handsome Prince Eric.

The film follows a recent trend of recreating animated Disney classics into live action versions. Such films include Alice in Wonderland (2010), Maleficent (2014), Cinderella (2015), and yet to be released Beauty and the Beast starring Emma Watson. Disney is also reportedly working on a remake of Mulan and Dumbo, but no details have been released,

Unlike the classical Disney movie that features the fairy tale life of a teen mermaid wanting more than to swim in the ocean waters, Universal will focus on the original story written by Hans Christian Andersen. Andersen’s book features a much darker ending then the prince falling hopelessly in love with an unusual mermaid. Instead in Andersen’s novel, the prince chooses another human princess over Ariel. The sea witch then leaves Ariel with the choice to kill the prince in exchange for becoming a mermaid again or accept death upon herself. In the end, Andersen has the mermaid turn into sea foam and lose the prince after all.

Ron Clements, animation director, was in need of a fun story for a new Disney film and stumbled upon Andersen’s novel. After reading the novel, he fell in love with the storyline, but thought he could fix the ending to appeal to the younger generation. Clements worked along side John Musker to revamp the ending and create a classic fairy tale that would eventually make a huge mark on Disney history.