by Ariana Jensen

The Forest Home Confirmation retreat, the weekend of November 20th, took place in California near Big Bear. All second year confirmation students from Holy Spirit church were in attendance. The retreat included 75 students and 40 leaders.

This years team was hard at work for the past 3 months. The theme that was focused on this year was LOVE. Working on skits, singing, witness talks and more that all circle around this idea.
A current leader, Brandi Sloane (’17), was in attendance and was thrilled for this years retreat, “I am truly excited to inspire teens while glorifying God at this retreat.” From being a candidate on last years retreat to now leading was a big change for her.
The Forest Home retreat offered a variety of different activities. This included staying in cabins, exploring the woods and zip lining through the trees. The weather was warm which was surprising because everyone packed for the cold.
“I can’t wait to see what this retreat is like. I’m going into this with an open mind and hoping I experience something amazing,” says Justin Rasmussen (’17) attending the retreat. With open minds, everyone was anxious to see how the retreat turned out. It was a successful time with tears, smiles and laughs.