Seniors are entering the new year with many deadlines at stake in the next few months. By March 15th, probably the most dreaded day in 2016, seniors must have in all 100 of their service hours. Bishop Gorman senior Devon Werner is quoted saying, “You can really lose track of time here at Gorman over the four years, and you’ll forget to finish all your service hours by senior year. It can get really hectic by then.” Service hours pay off though, not just for looking great on résumés, but in order to go to prom and Disneyland this year, all hours must be up to par. Around this month many college application deadlines are due as well, so if you are someone who has not gotten that completed yet, do it! Not everything is serious and there’s a lot of fun activities long awaited coming soon. By May, the senior bbq will be commencing in the quad with food, friends, and fun! By May 22, after final exams (exempt if shown exemplary effort), all seniors will gather at the Orleans for graduation, then they’re free for the summer! So get to working your hardest seniors, the end is in sight.

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