by Morgan Cook


New Year’s is a tradition that is celebrated across the world in many different ways. For most people, the celebration starts the night before on December 31 with traditions thought to bring about good luck for the next year.

In Spain and other Spanish-speaking countries, people eat 12 grapes, which symbolizes their hopes for the 12 months ahead, right before midnight. In many countries, some traditional New Year’s dishes contain certain plants that are thought to bring financial success, such as lentils in Italy and black-eyed peas in southern United States. In some cultures, pigs represents progress and prosperity, so pork is a popular meat during New Year’s in countries like Cuba, Austria, Hungary, and Portugal. Ring-shaped cakes and pastries are a sign that the year has come full circle in Netherlands, Greece, and Mexico. In Sweden and Norway, rice pudding is served with one almond hidden inside. The person that gets the nut has good luck for the next 12 months.
“Every new year’s my family and I go to the Bellagio because it’s decorated beautifully this time of year,” said Daniel Kinas, student at Bishop Gorman. People all over the country have their own family traditions. More of the common worldwide traditions especially in the United States are watching fireworks and singing songs. In the United States, the most popular one is the countdown and watching the ball drop in New York. New Year’s is one of the only holiday that is celebrated across the world.