By Daniel Kinas

Candidates in this upcoming 2016 presidential election on both sides have been trying to appeal to younger voters in the United States by making statements relating to the millennial generation.

Candidates have been making “hip” statements to try and gain votes from the growing generation. “It is great fun, it’s very amusing to watch,” said millennial Miranda Tuttle.

The two main candidates in the race, Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump, have been making the two making headlines in this years race. Clinton has been making references to Star Wars and Kim Kardashian. Trump, on the other hand, has been making fun of all of the other candidates, calling Jeb Bush “a little girl”.

This year has been much different than prior years. Previously, the debates had been a lot more, to say the least, elegant. Debates had been where adults acted like adults and social issues were talked about.

In the 2016 election, less social issues have been talked about, with the main topics of conversation in the debates being gun control and ISIS.

Even though this years elections have been less formal, more people have been watching the debates. According to CNN, the ratings for the republican debates have been an average 27% higher than in previous years.

Many people have thought that these debates have not been political but has been mainly watched for entertainment purposes. Due to this, many candidates are in a popularity battle with one another.

Not only are Trump and Clinton saying weird things, they are promising crazy things as well. In Trump’s case, he wants to build a wall across the Mexican-American Border. As for Clinton, she wants to promise probing for Aliens if they ever land and inhabit Earth.

Trump wants to build a wall on the Mexican American border for many reasons. Trump believes that the Mexicans are stealing our jobs in America. His thought is that if we can build a wall, we will be able to make America great again. The ironic thing about this is that if a wall is built, the Mexican American Population will actually decrease due to the fact that Trump has offended so many.

Hillary, on the other hand, is making weird statements not from her belief but to resonate with the children. Clinton has been making references to Star Wars and saying that she is a “pantsuit aficionado” in her Twitter bio.

Even though the NBC show Saturday Night Live is a little extreme in their parodies of the election, they still do make some great points. In one sketch of the republican primary, Donald Trump is making fun of everyone and making racist comments, as usual apparently. And in the same episode, there is a parody of Amy Poehler as Clinton joking about all the stuff she has to do to get votes.

Candidates are saying all of these comments because they believe that the millennial generation is not going to vote very much or at all. In the last 2 elections, the 18-24 age group has decreased 20% from the 2004 election. Candidates are tying to revive that lost group because if a certain candidate can gain at least half of that 20%, then that could boost their votes and give them a better chance of gaining the presidency

With candidates trying to get “hip”, this upcoming election is looking to be the most popular in years.

Photo via ABC News