by Sabrina Scnur
Warning, the biggest epidemic hitting high schools this spring is Senioritis. Symptoms include laziness, fatigue, and nonchalant carelessness.

Laziness can be described best by Forrest Zimmerman, “I often times sleep on the couch because my bed is a good 50 feet away.”
Fatigue is Sierra Mark’s main problems, “sometimes studying is really hard for me because I just fall asleep, I wonder if I’m narcoleptic.”
Finally, the best way to describe nonchalant carelessness is simply, “Sometimes I leave my backpack in car.”-Michael Geraghty
Only in America do students experience this problem. Senioritis can be onset by being accepted into college and having no motivation to do anymore work. In fact, the most common symptom is a lack of motivation. Karli Berry says, “The only motivation I have is knowing I am leaving soon.”
In an alternative poll reported off USA today 56% of the 2,000 students surveyed had jobs their second semester of senior year and their grades weren’t affected. This proves that too little is being asked so even less is being accomplished. It can be guaranteed that nearly 100% of seniors at Bishop Gorman have felt some sort of Senioritis before graduation.
Despite colleges not specifically using these grades, they do still see them. Universities can deny or revoke acceptance if second semester grades falter. College board reports that, “The University of Michigan sent out three different letters to its incoming freshmen with poor final grades: 62 issuing gentle warnings, 180 requesting an explanation and nine revoking admission.” The best way to combat this illness is quite a shock. Ivywise suggests setting short term and long term goals to keep on track. Only five more months to keep grinding! Take tough classes that encourage hard work and expect a lot but also establish designated free time so that all your time isn’t free time.
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