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We are Bishop Gorman High School’s student news source. We strive to create a professional and ethical publication that appeals to all sectors of the Bishop Gorman High School student population. We seek to cover news topics that are interesting to teenagers. We value timeliness and responsibility. We take steps to report Bishop Gorman High School’s news accurately, fairly, and truthfully. We work together to develop a strong system of communication and collaboration. We integrate Bishop Gorman High School’s mission statement and values into all that we do.

Lance February Issue 2016

lance february issue 2016


Entire December Issue 2015

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Dec Lance Entire PDF

Under the sea

by Emma McEvoy

Chloë Grace Moretz is ready to be part of that world, as she will star in Universal’s live action rendition of, The Little Mermaid.

taken by Emma McEvoy

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Featured post

Is social media making us less social? 

by Miranda Tuttle
     Social media has revolutionized the way the current generation communicates. But what about human interaction? Has social media made us less or more social?

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Police car chases

by Ariana Jensen
Bystanders, passengers, and innocent people are being injured when police chase criminals running from the law. In the U.S. alone, there has been tens of thousands of injuries and fatalities due to police car chases.


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