Campus Ministry Goes To Disneyland!


by: Miranda Tuttle 

This year, many Bishop Gorman students will be attending the L.A. Youth Day, held on February 25 in Anaheim, California. This is a two day event where students will stay at a Disneyland hotel for the duration of the trip. The Campus Ministry Leadership Group and about forty Bishop Gorman students will be involved in the event. This is an opportunity for high school students to participate in the Liturgy, workshops, entertainment and experiences unique to the Religious Education Congress. Continue reading “Campus Ministry Goes To Disneyland!”


How Important Is Religion?

by Morgan Cook

According to the polls released on Tuesday, the percent of people who are religiously affiliated has been decreasing. This has been more apparent among young adults, judging by church attendance, prayer and belief in God.


Continue reading “How Important Is Religion?”

Pope Francis Shakes Up Tradition

by Michael Geraghty
Pope Francis has shaken up conventional ideology with revitalizing and revolutionary reforms. After years of corruption, scandals, and charges against the Catholic Church, the need for a strong patriarch to guide the people was becoming more prevalent as societal norms change.  Continue reading “Pope Francis Shakes Up Tradition”

Pope Assassination

by Julia Sanman

Last month, the FBI investigated and arrested a fifteen year old boy for planning an assassination attempt on Pope Francis. The teenager claimed to have an affiliation with the terrorist group ISIS. Continue reading “Pope Assassination”

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