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Is social media making us less social? 

by Miranda Tuttle
     Social media has revolutionized the way the current generation communicates. But what about human interaction? Has social media made us less or more social?

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Unhealthy School Lunches

by Lainey Hizon

Childhood obesity is a growing national problem that starts when kids eat too much sugar and processed food. One of the major risks of unhealthy school lunches is obesity and other kinds of weight problems. Statistics state that kids who ate school lunches rather than kids who bring their own lunches are more likely to be overweight. Continue reading “Unhealthy School Lunches”

Is Facebook Affecting Your Sleep?

By: Isabella Truong

Studies show that teenagers obsessed with Facebook may have anxiety sleep problems. A survey of teens, on September 17 at a British Psychological Society Conference, found that the more time invested in Facebook and Twitter, the more they slept poorly and suffered from low self-esteem, anxiety, and depression. Continue reading “Is Facebook Affecting Your Sleep?”

How to Throw a Healthy Labor Day Celebration

Labor Day Weekend is all about getting together with friends and family, having Monday off of school, and honoring the working people. What better way to celebrate the three day weekend then with some healthy barbecue and desserts?

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